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How to join

Prospective members
Prospective members

In the first instance, prospective members should email the Secretary, including a phone number and some idea of a time when it is convenient to call for an initial conversation. The Secretary will then arrange a date on a Club night when you may come along for a look around and have a chat with other members.

If you feel you like us, like shooting, and want to join the Club, the next step is to complete our application form and supply 2 passport size photographs, 2 references are required if you are not already known to a Club member.

Probationary membership
Probationary membership

The fee for Probationary membership are found below. The Club Police Liaison Officer will contact Surrey Police to check if they consider you to be a suitable person to join a target shooting Club. You will then be able to come along on Club nights and shoot. 


Probationary membership is for a minimum, of 3 months (Home Office requirement) and you will be expected to make 12 visits within 6 months.

The use of Club guns are free, all you need to pay for is ammunition. There will always be a Range Officer on duty who will also supervise your shooting, safety and range etiquette. A Committee member will carry out a training process before your first shooting detail to ensure you are familiar with range commands, safety and the gun you will be using.


During the probationary period, you may attend the club and shoot as often as you want. It is your responsibility to make sure your probationary attendance card is signed by the Committee Member at the front desk.

Full membership
Full membership

After your probationary period is finished and the minimum visits are complete, you may apply for full membership. At the next Committee meeting, your attendance and conduct will be assessed and voted upon. In the event your application is successful, the Secretary will write to you informing you and welcoming you to the Club. The membership cost will be pro rata for the year and is calculated by the Secretary.

Club fees
Club fees
Membership Per Annum

Adult member £80

Family membership, first Adult £80

Additional Adult Family members £45

Additional Junior Family members £20

Junior member £30

Probationer (adult) £30

Probationer (junior) £15

Range fee (adult) £2.50 each visit

Range fee (junior and non-shooters) £1.00 each visit

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